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Every package follows the following structure


  • Survey all stakeholders who are involved with you or your business by monitoring, engaging and reviewing the current status of where you rank on your goals and desired indicators.

  • Identify a baseline for evaluating progress, additions and changes that should be made based on an audit of your competitor landscape and perceived vs. actual positioning.

  • Analyzing and inventorying your digital assets and online presence in order to ensure that your business is optimizing through current channels.


  • After surveying your stakeholders and learning everything we can about you or your business and your competitors we will develop social media and email content as well as channel based delivery schedules (in a Google doc)

  • Audit your website URLS, body content, metadata and images to see where you are ranking in desired search indicators.

  • At this point we will acquire all owned digital channels and begin to streamline and integrate all existing and additional URL and web assets into calendar based social media posts (in a scheduling platform)


  • Complete all changes to website URLS, body content, metadata and images and push to live website so that you can have a better chance at being listed in search results that are important to you.

  • Launch social media websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking as well as email schedules that include delivery date and time across all channels.

  • Deliver competitor audit to help you position what you offer in a unique way, create exclusive opportunities that you can take ownership of and explore you should consider changing in your offering.

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