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Social Media Network Expansion

Social content is what your followers want to see

Personal accounts are focused on connecting with family and friends and are often full of content regarding your personal activities and interests.

For our business or a topic driven accounts we wanted to target followers who had an interest in the research fields covered in our journals.

It is essential to build a solid foundation of people who are interested in your content.

We were mindful of who we initially followed so that our social media accounts were put into algorithms which got our channel optimized into the correct networks of people who were truly interested in our content.

We worked hard to identify thought leaders and people with general interest in our subject area then connected with them across all of our channels.

An easy way for us to identify these thought leaders was to look for those in our field that were both respected and had a strong online presence - as they are able to bring more attention to our content.

We started by uploading our email lists and author contacts as well as sourced “lists” that have already been collected and published in our field.


  • Frequency is how often we post or repost content. The number of times we post is correlated to the size and depth of our followers.

  • We started slowly with 1-2 posts a week and then increased to a higher frequency with more robust content as we built a deeper and more experienced follower base.


  • Twitter is our operational announcement platform

  • Facebook is our engagement platform

  • LinkedIn is our professional network and recruiting platform

  • Youtube is our video platform

  • Pinterest and Instagram are our image, table, figure and supplemental sharing platforms.


  • Core content

  • Operational content, and

  • Enhanced content

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