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The NIH Biosketch

The NIH Biosketch, also known as the NIH Biographical Sketch, is a standardized form used by researchers to provide a brief overview of their professional background, accomplishments, and qualifications. It is commonly required as part of grant applications submitted to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other federal agencies.

Here are the key components of an NIH Biosketch:

1. Personal Information: This section includes the researcher's name, contact information, and other identifying details.

2. Position and Education: Researchers list their current academic or professional position and their educational background, including degrees, institutions, and completion dates.

3. Contribution to Science: This is a significant section where researchers outline their contributions to science. They can include up to five of their most relevant publications, identifying their role in the work and explaining its importance.

4. Research Support: In this section, researchers detail their ongoing and completed research projects. For each project, they provide the project title, funding source, role in the project, and the period of funding.

5. Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications: Researchers list other notable publications beyond the five mentioned in the "Contribution to Science" section. These publications can provide a broader view of the researcher's expertise and contributions to the field.

6. Synergistic Activities: This section allows researchers to describe any activities that demonstrate the synergy between their research, teaching, and/or service efforts. It can include activities such as collaborations, mentoring, outreach, and contributions to the scientific community.

7. Collaborators & Other Affiliations: Researchers list individuals and institutions with which they have ongoing collaborations. They also provide details about any financial interests or positions they hold in outside organizations that might be seen as potential conflicts of interest.

It's crucial to note that the NIH Biosketch has specific formatting and page limits. Researchers must adhere to these guidelines to ensure their applications are accepted for review.

It's always recommended to refer to the official NIH guidelines and the specific funding opportunity announcement for the most current and detailed instructions regarding the preparation of the Biosketch, as requirements might change over time.

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