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Enhanced Media

Interview Production, Editing, and Sharing

When we talk about content and delivery schedules, we briefly discussed enhanced content such as videos and podcasts and in this blog post we walk you through our in-house video recording, editing, production and publishing routines.

An interview is a form of enhanced media, and the most complex form of content development because it takes the most amount of time, investment, and skills.

But, as a promotion tool, it is a useful way to redirect attention to a campaign even for some time after it has been active. Posts containing enhanced content perform much better across all channels than normal core or operational content.

There are very simple ways to separate video into an audio only interviews - achieving both a video interview on YouTube and an audio interview for our podcast with the same workflow.

This is how it works:

  • Invite your target interviewee to participate in an interview.

  • People will often quickly agree to do these interviews, as it gives them the opportunity to, in their own words, expand on what they’ve brought to market.

  • We advise to not generally tell anyone what to discuss at all, but we do suggest some general structural guidance.

  • A good program we suggest to use for recording is Call Recorder for Skype v2.8.10 from Ecamm Network.

  • Then we edit videos with Final-cut pro.

  • In the first of two of the final editing stages 

  • We add a video template to the front and back of each recording and inside each template we insert key information

  • You can build templates in-house or invest in a professionally built templates.

  • The second stage of final editing is outputting the files

  • We export one in video and audio format, then export a second file, which is audio only

  • Once the files are finalized we publish the videos on YouTube and audio files on Soundcloud. 

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