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Securing Social Media Channels

Do you need two, 10 or more than 20 social media channels?

You can ignore most...

The social media accounts you choose to utilize will depend on your business and your business’ specific needs.

At SWB Consultants we primarily use twitter, facebook, linkedin, youtube and depending on our bandwidth and advertising budget will sometimes include pinterest and instagram.

We do not deliver content on any other account, though we maintain ownership to prevent imposter accounts from damaging our brand.

@SocialWebBranding =

@SWBConsultants =

@SocialWebBrandingConsultants =

As we began to claim social media accounts we chose names as close to our domain as possible

This is important because it determines how those accounts appear in search results along with our main website as well as how users find you on third party platforms

Let’s point out the question you should ask yourself at this point - do you create a single set of online platforms for post-publication promotion of all your brands and public images or do you create an entire set of social media platforms for each brand/public image?

If you decide to follow the latter path, or already have, then you know that it's important to establish a single email to manage each brand.

We had to use a designated email address to claim each series of accounts across multiple channels because social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook just don’t let you set up multiple accounts using the same email.

When we had all the profiles in order, we populated the accounts with the profile and banner images we talked about earlier.

At this point you might have between 3 and 100 accounts.

We found that it was beneficial to utilize an account management tool that integrated our channels and executed our content delivery schedules and we chose Sprout Social as our 3rd party management platform.

  • It allows us to consolidate all of our accounts into a single location 

  • It also allows us to schedule our content up to six months in advance and can be used by a number of our team members across multiple devices.

  • You can even integrate your analytic profiles and start to aggregate web metrics from your 3rd party platforms in one place.

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