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Social Media Content Delivery


Core content is bits of information that are already available to our constituents.

A single paragraph (web-copy) on our home page, or an introductory blurb on our editorial policies page can be broken down, and copy/pasted from our website to our social media content delivery schedule.

By placing this core content into our social media streams we were able to get bits of important information to the surface of our daily feed as a reminder or a reinforcement of our brand information


  • We aimed to start with two or three posts a week and as we built our followers and increased publication frequency up to 3-5 times a day depending on the channel


  • Core content is okay to post across all channels


Operational content is our opportunity to announce what our business is doing, is planning to do, or has accomplished.


  • We post operational content as close to our publication schedule as possible.


  • Twitter is an operational announcement platform, but we also feel this content is important enough to include on all channels


Enhanced content are videos, pictures, audio, quizzes, infographics, testimonials and other engaging or interactive forms of media that enhance our core or operational content.

Enhanced content encourages more people to click on our posts and add an increased value for our constituents to depend on, ultimately providing followers more exciting ways to interact with our brand.


  • We published enhanced content Enhanced content far less frequently and treat it as a special event on our channels

  • We indicate the special nature of a post by “pinning” it to the top of our feed


  • Our enhanced content is distributed across all of our channels as featured content.

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